Dr. Richard Bulara Esper Kallas, the esteemed Founder and CEO of Australian Biocare Academy, is deeply passionate about dentistry and is eager to share his expertise with you. His journey began in 2005 when he established the renowned "KALLAS Institute" in Brazil.

At the core of the Kallas Institute was a bustling clinic staffed with over 20 dentists and a cutting-edge dental laboratory boasting more than 15 technicians. Dr. Richard, alongside distinguished experts from around the world, also led educational courses at the academy, igniting a shared enthusiasm for dentistry among patients, colleagues, and team members.

Despite his demanding schedule, Dr. Richard consistently prioritized furthering his knowledge and skills to deliver optimal patient care. With over 25 years of experience and a track record of installing more than 18,000 implants, he is widely respected in the field.

Australian Biocare Academy is now expanding its reach, offering comprehensive dental training in Australia, the US, and Brazil. Committed to advancing dental technology, Dr. Richard and his esteemed team are dedicated to sharing the latest innovations in the field.