Providing industry leading and cutting edge educational dental courses, focused specifically to Australian dentists and surgeons.

Live Patients
Our practical courses feature live patients, allowing demonstrations from the treatment plan to the final surgical and prosthetic procedure.

New Paradigms
We are always looking for new ways and methods to innovate and evolve our training courses for both general dentistry and industry specialists.

All of our courses are backed by industry research to ensure we only offer trusted and approved methods and practices.

Who We Are

Australian Biocare Academy aims to enhance dentists' expertise globally, empowering them for smoother and more effective daily practices.
Our mission is to equip dentists with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their field. We offer a range of courses covering
various aspects such as surgical wisdom teeth extraction, implants, zygomatic implants, sterile procedure setup, image
interpretation, surgery planning, and more.

Dr. Richard Kallas, CEO of Australian Biocare Academy, hails from Brazil, renowned for its exceptional dentistry education.
With extensive experience, Dr. Kallas is recognized for his charisma and calming presence, which fosters a relaxed
atmosphere conducive to optimal surgical performance.

Additionally, our mentorship program provides hands-on guidance from Dr. Kallas and our dedicated team directly in dentists' practices.
This ensures that dentists can deliver the highest standard of care to their patients.

Join the ranks of successful dentists who have already benefited from the educational programs offered by Australian Biocare Academy.


13th to 17th January 2025 - Sao Paulo, BrazilLearn how to extract third molars safely and atraumatic..
AU$ 13,500.00
20th to 24th January 2025 - Sao Paulo, BrazilL E V E L 1Professionals starting in Implantology.Requi..
AU$ 15,500.00
27th to 31th January 2025 - São Paulo, BrazilThe objective of the Zygomatic  Course  is to..
AU$ 20,500.00
Sydney, Australia - Date to be confirmedThe Objective: Horizontal bone augmentation is a common surg..
AU$ 6,500.00
The Objective: The Zygoma Project is to share a restorative philosophy of treatment, which allows co..
AU$ 6,500.00